What We Do

Our mission is to consciously and responsibly cultivate quality cannabis for a consistently enjoyable user experience.

How We Grow Matters

What does it mean to be “green”? To Cascade High, being green means cultivating a quality product with the basic tools that nature has provided.

Socially conscious cannabis cultivation can be summarized best by adherence to the Triple P Bottom Line:

  1. People – People encompass both the users, Recreational and Medical, and the staff of the company.
  2. Planet – How can Cascade High Organics utilize an eco-friendly grow method that is sustainable for the planet and the company, in an industry that is notorious for resource consumption and waste.
  3. Profits – Cascade High cannot be viable without profits, but they have to come 3rd to both people and the planet. This it the key to our successful brand and business. 

Choosing a cannabis brand that has been grown with an organic, water-only approach is similar to the reasons you might select organic produce: better for the Earth, better for your body, better for people. The difference between food and cannabis, however, is the trip to your bloodsteam is much quicker with cannabis, so the stakes are even higher.

We’re headed to a market that will soon be dominated by concentrates and edibles. The quality of the raw cannabis product becomes even more concerning when we think about what happens during the extraction process for producing concentrates for edibles. Whatever the grower’s extraction technique – propane, butane, CO2, solvent type – will concentrate down with the rest of the plant, which when ingested or inhaled will enter the bloodstream.

watering plants

So what’s in your cannabis?

Assuming your cannabis is Cascade High, what’s inside is the natural and happy combination of water, air, and a little THC.

The Cascade High Approach

Cascade High takes a natural approach to cultivation
    • Natural CO2 – We produce CO2 naturally with a fungus bag to feed maturing plants (some cultivators actually burn natural gas to produce CO2! Why burn one resource to create another resource when there’s a safe, natural way to do it?)
    • Locally sourced, microbe-rich soil from Miller Soil
    • Open air grow operation
    • CHO produces its own clones  – clones acquired from a 3rd party could introduce mold, mildew or unwanted bugs
    • Water-only – With care given to provide an organic and nurturing grow environment there isn’t even the need for consideration of chemicals and pesticides.
    • Our IPM is based on tight environmental controls and healthy plant immune systems. Working with Neem products from the leaf to the roots that help promote that healthy immune system for the plant.

No one holds patents on any particular strain because this is still a federally controlled substance. Cannabis branding doesn’t apply to varietals, it applies to its cultivation, how it’s grown. Cascade High is a quality cannabis cultivator. It’s people and planet first. It’s clean and green. Cascade High believes in socially conscious cannabis cultivation, because we are what we grow.